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Paraffin, otherwise known as kerosene is sold on our forecourt here at Smithy View Service Station. All you need is certified fuel cans to be permitted to fill up. Anyone is able to buy paraffin freely without giving over personal information. We only require customer information if 100 or more litres of paraffin is purchased. If you are wishing to purchase over 100 litres of paraffin, please bring along a UK driving license or another form of ID.


For our most up to date paraffin price, please ring us on 01978 352428 or contact us via email using the contact page.


Please note: We do not distribute paraffin via deliveries.


What is paraffin?

Paraffin is a duty rebated fuel and carries lower duty than road fuels. Paraffin can be used for power generators, standby generators, plant and machinery and for industrial heating or home heating.


Paraffin usage is monitored by Customs and Excise and it is paramount that paraffin is not used in automotive cars or HGV lorries. If Paraffin is found to be used in an inappropriate manner Customs and Excise will almost certainly take action against the offender.



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